Alternative Investments

For us, alternative investments means any investment which isn’t property.

We realise that property investments are not the only investments you want and many of you are seeking alternative ways to securely invest your savings to provide the best risk : return ratios. The only opportunities we offer you are ones which excite us.

Why should you come to for alternative investments?

Well, we hope that our 30 years of experience might suggest to you that we stay around long enough for our clients to know whether their purchase or investment has been a success. You are also in the hands of a company who performs a sensible degree of due diligence before offering an investment. Every investment on this page has various due diligence reports which are of course available at your request

Pension transfer values shooting up (BBC news link below)

But do you qualify?

As you know, we normally focus on property to offer our investors. This being such an extraordinary opportunity, we decided to examine it in detail to determine whether we should inform our clients of its existence. Our conclusion was that anyone over the age of 45 who benefits, or is to benefit in the future, from a final salary pension pot might consider exploring this opportunity.

Defined benefit pension transfer values 'shooting up'
BBC news – December 10 2016 by Brian Milligan Personal Finance reporter.

If one of the world's biggest wealth management companies offered to facilitate the acquisition of your final UK salary pension pot and achieve up to 70x your annual income as a lump sum with no cost to you, you naturally would be forgiven for wondering where the catch was? Any acquisition is FCA regulated and the possibility exists now.

It will take just minutes for you to learn the extent to which you might benefit from this and whether you should take advantage of it. This service is completely free and is provided by an FCA regulated specialist. Click here to learn more.

Please note: Propertiesabroad’s communications with you do not constitute pension advice in any way nor an offer to sell you a product. It simply informs you that a unique window of opportunity has opened and invites you to explore further. All technical discussions would be conducted by a fully regulated specialist.

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